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Zen & The Art of Clicking Pictures

By on January 21, 2018

I saw a post going around on social media some time ago, asking what is the most useful thing for any photographer, at any given place and time.

I saw many…


The Sun Shines Through Many

By on October 16, 2017

The Sun shines through many…it is not just a blob in the sky!

These flowers are to be found in the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in spring. They are a delight…

Photography Ideas

How I Became a Photographer

By on October 12, 2017

I was a budding architect, who was smitten with wanderlust. I sought beauty in everything. That is where it all started. It didn’t happen in a day, it grew…


Learn Photography – Composition

By on October 8, 2017

Composition is one of the core principles of photography. I would go as far as saying, that all photography is hinged on composition.

In this video series, I have explained…


Beauty in the Tiny

By on October 6, 2017

These tiny flowers were growing in my home garden. They looked like nothing too fascinating outside the lens, just “usual flowers.” But my fancy captured them the way I…