The Sights & Sounds of Ahmedabad

August 4, 2017

Ahmedabad travel is one of the sweet joys and tryst with Indian culture my camera revelled in. Below is a sneek peak into what the city has to offer to you!

Kites for sale

orange kite for sale

Orange kite details

Multi colored kites

stacks of kites forsale

Kites displayed in all their color

the reels of thread

Guys sporting kite head gear

kite sales by walking

Kite makers

Spools of thread being colored

Color spool wheel

Color spool wheel in full swing

coloring the kites & threads

A man in a durgah selling flowers to offer at the durgah

Kids flying kites at the top of a mosque

An old kite parked near monuments

Bhadra fort entrance gateway

A small girl selling flowers for Puja

Fund collection with music

Beggars’ day outside the temple

Houses in narrow lanes

An exasperated man outside a mosque

A lone squirrel likes the camera!

Squirrel as amazed by the locked door as me

Heavily embroidered hand bags for sale

Children’s dresses for sale

sights and sounds of ahmedabad, india

An old man intrigued by the photographer while the photographer intrigued by the old man 🙂

If you have ever been to Ahmedabad or would like to go there, what would you capture in your walk? 🙂


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