Ghats of Yamuna, Delhi

Yamuna Ghats are one of the key religious sites in Delhi, often ignored by the tourists and travelers for lack of information, and lack of cleanliness on the Yamuna banks. No I make no secret of the fact that the Ghats have not been kept clean and maintained like they should have, by the government.

Yet, amidst that garbage, you can still see small residences with little kids chanting Sanskrit shlokas in the morning. You can see some pujari or Brahmana offering Jala to Yamuna at sunrise. And you can see scores of birds flying around, making the morning magical, and making the experience a delightful one for humans, even though humans failed to give the right ambience to them.

Here are a handful of my photographs, capturing the riot of fun of the birds.

Ghats of Yamuna, Delhi

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